Jihadist Kidnappings Continue in Nigeria

  • By Ely Marquez
  • (General Dispatch) – Several states in Nigeria have ordered the closure of schools due to the high number of kidnappings by Jihadist groups.
  • The governor of Kano, gave the order to close 10 schools that are far away from the state, becoming an easy target for kidnappers, on the other hand the governor of Zamfara ordered to close all schools.
  • All the attacks have been carried out by the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram, which has tried to kidnap minors in order to join their ranks and prevent students from learning Western education.
  • Boku Haram was created in 2000 with the aim of creating an Islamic caliphate in West Africa. One of their attacks was carried out in Borno in 2014 where they kidnapped 270 schoolchildren of which 100 were girls.
  • Then in December the terrorist group abducted 344 schoolchildren in Katsina state. Which were released without any explanation.
  • According to an Agence France-Press media outlet stated “the raid was carried out by a known criminal in the region, Awwalun Daudawa, in collaboration with Idi Minorti and Dankarami, two other criminal bosses with strong local followings, on behalf of Boko Haram”.
  • Nigerian government officials gave statements to Reuters but declined to reveal their identities for their safety. They said that one of the reasons for the continued kidnappings is that the Nigerian government has paid ransoms, creating a source of income for the terrorist group.

Adittional Information:

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