Prince William Responds to Meghan’s Accusations

  • By William Silgueiro
  • (General Dispatch) – After a long wait since this weekend, one of the members of the British Royal Palace released the first statements regarding the rhetoric of the family.
  • Prince William assures that his family is not “racist” were some of the first words mentioned by the prince in his recent statements.
  • Also, the prince assured that so far he has not spoken to his brother Harry about it.
  • For the time being, the family continues to be involved in scandals, being news in almost all the newspapers of many nations.
  • However, the credibility of a large number of people to the claims made by Meghan and her husband Harry remain latent, as they promote the racist ideology from which the world hopes to be free.
  • A barrage of criticism continues to fall on the royal family, the assertions of family members seeming to be actually true. And they have caused emotional damage to Meghan and her future child.
  • The royal family, for its part, continues to employ the strategy of not denying or confirming rumors, so as not to generate more anxiety in the eyes of thousands. It is a strategy they have applied for years.
  • Finally, the birth of Meghan will confirm many of the rumors swirling around the royal family. And that affect Harry’s family, which is really offended.

Adittional Information:

Breitbart: Future King William Hits Back at Meghan’s Racism Claims: ‘We Are Very Much Not a Racist Family’

The Telegraph: Prince William hits back at Harry and Meghan: We are very much not a racist family

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