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Cornell Undergraduates Use “Marco Quee” to Express Police Abrogation

  • By James Kravitz
  • (General Dispatch) –  Recently, students at Cornell University held an activity aimed at the abrogation of police agencies. But, in a totally unusual perspective.
  • The event was orchestrated by members of Cornell University’s LGBTQ community, who expressed their rejection of law enforcement by means of the “Quee” symbol.
  • Apparently, this bizarre modality was taken from Greek culture, which relates outsider ways of life and their link to law enforcement authorities.
  • According to what was reported by one of the participants, the power of police officers forces them to act in a certain way, and this restricts their rights to express themselves.
  • Evidently, the development of this activity caused great incongruence among the spectators, as they did not find coherence with the purpose of the event.
  • Commentators expressed the opinion that the lack of rationality was one of the banners that stood out during the rally.
  • Police officers only make sure that they fulfill their assigned functions, in no way are they an obstacle for the community to express and assert their rights.  
  • To conclude, this is one of the first occasions in which a demonstration of this nature is not clear about its objectives.

Adittional Information:

Breitbart: Cornell Students Focus on Abolishing the Police Through ‘Queer Framework’

The Cornell Daily Sun: Haven Facilitates Discussion of Police Abolition Through Queer Framework

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