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Senator Joni Ernst Notes that Biden Uses Covid-19 to Close Schools and Open Borders

  • By Wayne Rodrigo
  • (General Dispatch) –  Joe Biden is using covid-19 as an excuse to open the borders and close schools, said Senator Joni Ernst on Wednesday.
  • Stressing, that immigration policies changed drastically with this new administration. And that all the gains made in the Trump era were thrown out the window.
  • The government’s priority is focused on “open borders”, because so far it has been the only interest of the White House, the senator said.
  • I hold the president of the nation responsible for the paralysis of school activities, while he leads efforts so that more immigrants continue to enter the country.
  • In fact, I ask that regular channels be analyzed through which students can return to their daily activities. And to stop holding the coronavirus responsible for their incompetence.
  • Simultaneously, the senator commented that survey statistics in the country assure that both parents and students want to return to the classroom.
  • In short, President Biden was elected to govern the American people, not to solve the problems of other nations; the priority is within the country, not at its borders.
  • This is another of the barrage of criticism that continues to fall on the current administration, and for which no response has been given so far.

Adittional Information:

Breitbart: Exclusive — Sen. Joni Ernst: Joe Biden Uses Coronavirus to Close Schools and Open the Border

Yahoo News: Sen. Joni Ernst says the border crisis creates a national security crisis

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  1. Every American and the World know that the Biden-Harris, Obama, and George Soros the entire Democrat Party,ANTIFA and BM is a Subversive Terrorist Conspiracy to Overthrow the Republic. Everyone needs to shout that they are a severe National Security Threat on Facebook, Twitter, very where in the media and Internet. They don’t because they fear terrorism and censorship from the new Stalinists!
    Don’t be afraid tell all the world who and what they are at every opportunity

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