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Drug Cartels Encourage Trafficking to the U.S. Border

  • By Joergen Haisem
  • (General Dispatch) – Another antagonist of the border crisis are the Mexican cartels, said Congressman Chip Roy, in relation to the increase in the transit of immigrants along the border.
  • After visiting the southern border of Texas, the congressman concluded that the irregular groups operating on the border are also part of the crisis.
  • Human trafficking could be observed during the tour, people are handled like animals, while criminal gangs profit proportionally.
  • Once again, the finger-pointing is directed at President Joe Biden’s policies, because until the Trump administration this did not represent a problem. Roy said.
  • Undoubtedly, the dramatic situation in northwest Texas is alarming as the days go by. The out-of-control situation is progressing.
  • As a result of his visit, the congressman saw the juvenile detention center, which is effectively a Border Patrol detention center. 
  • Notably, the humanitarian crisis at the border involves many factors, now suspected to be politically motivated for the 2022 elections.
  • Of course, this is another of the figures that make political life in the United States that assures that the problem is worsening. And those responsible have not been determined

Adittional Information:

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