School in Australia Forces Children to Apologize for Sexual Acts They did not Commit

  • By Joergen Haisem
  • (General Dispatch) – The directors of an Australian school carried out an activity where all the boys had to stand up to apologize to all the girls in the institution.
  • A student of Brauer College in Warrnambool recorded the event through the social network Snapchat, where the boys asked for forgiveness for the violence and sexual aggression against girls even though they have not committed any act.
  • Representatives of the students were speechless upon learning of the activity, one mother said “I am absolutely horrified that my children had to stand up and apologize for something in the name of their gender that they have no control over.”
  • The parents of the students do not support this type of activity, as the security institutes and the government are the ones who should be providing security to the citizens and not allowing these types of acts to take place.
  • The school principal, Jane Boyle, made it known that the children were asked to do the act, despite the fact that the male minors felt a sense of guilt, something that caused great annoyance to their relatives.
  • “Schools play an important role in promoting the safety and respect of all students, and discussions in schools about respect for girls and women are a key part of this vital work,” said Jane Boyle.
  • School officials said that such activities are necessary for students at a young age to begin to respect girls and women as a fundamental basis.
  • Jane assumed that it may have been inappropriate, but it is a gesture that can help develop men with more respect for the female gender.

Adittional Information:

Breitbart: Schoolboys Made to Apologise to Girls for Rape on Behalf of Their Gender: Report

Daily Mail UK: Schoolboy lashes his school for making the boys stand in front of the girls during assembly and ‘apologise for rapes committed by their gender’

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