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Virginia Governor Intends to Activate Marijuana Legalization

  • By William Silgueiro
  • (General Dispatch) – The governor of Virginia has taken on the task of speeding up the legislative process that will allow people over 21 years of age to legally grow and possess certain amounts of marijuana.
  • After the process was expected to take approximately three years, this Wednesday the governor announced that progress is being made so that it can finally be approved.
  • If approved, Virginia will become the fifteenth state to legally approve the use of the drug.
  • Undoubtedly, this will be an achievement that will provide “public safety and social justice” to the Commonwealth of Virginia, assured the Democratic Governor Ralph Northam.
  • Supporters of the proposal are anxiously awaiting the completion of the last phase of the process to put an end to the unequal treatment that has been maintained for years.
  • The bill has the broad support of Democratic senators, who are eager to repeal the racist anti-marijuana law.
  • However, 30% of the tax revenues obtained from the commercialization of marijuana will be determined as contribution funds for the State Treasury.
  • This bill, which already has the support of a large part of the legislative body, will be finally debated during the next few days and will make many citizens in Virginia happy.

Adittional Information:

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