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California Will Lift Covid-19 Restrictive Measures This June 15th

  • By John Deloria
  • (General Dispatch) –  According to information provided by CBS San Francisco, the governor of California, Gavin Newsom, announced this Tuesday that the restrictive measures imposed by covid-19 will be lifted this June 15.
  • According to the governor, absolutely all biosecurity measures will be repealed, with the exception of the use of face masks.
  • Similarly, Californian citizens will continue to have access to the vaccination process, as the government distributes the immunization, as a policy to ensure the eradication of the coronavirus.
  • In this order of ideas, commercial activities carried out by bars, restaurants, movie theaters, churches, and other related organizations will be able to open completely. To promote the economy of the State.
  • The governmental decision is due to the fact that at least 20 million vaccines have already been administered in California territory, and it is time to restart the lives of citizens leaving behind the global pandemic. 
  • At the same time, the Secretary of the Health and Human Services Agency of the State of California, Mark Ghaly, recommended the population not to stop using face masks and to avoid crowds of people affected by covid-19.
  • It should be noted that California has achieved really encouraging results in blocking the spread of the coronavirus, which is why it will seek to return to total normality.
  • Undoubtedly, the state’s economy has been exaggeratedly affected by the pandemic, and this is one of the arguments that has prompted the governor to determine the policies that will begin to operate in the State as of June.

Adittional Information:

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