Russia Continues to Stockpile Military Materiel on Ukraine Border

  • By Ely Márquez
  • (General Dispatch) – Ukrainian media channels on Wednesday singled out Russia for increasing violence in Donbass, and continuing to transport a large amount of military materiel via railroads and land routes.  
  • Evidently, Ukrainian military officials expressed concern that Russia may be orchestrating an invasion.
  • The security agencies captured on video the execution of the actions, where it can be clearly seen how the Russian military is heading to the border with large military equipment.
  • It seems that the Russian army has prepared a surprise ambush for Ukraine, which would force them to have a confrontation.
  • While Ukraine fights the effects caused by the covid-19 pandemic and tries to meet all health requests, Russia takes advantage of the moment to attack.
  • On the contrary, Russia claimed to be focused on attending to strictly internal matters that have nothing to do with international conflicts.
  • However, two new Ukrainian soldiers lost their lives while confronting Russian-backed Donbass separatists.
  • In this regard, the Ukrainian government is also preparing the army to be on the alert for any maneuvers that Russia and its Donbass allies intend to carry out in the coming days.

Adittional Information:

Breitbart: Russia Continues Massing Military Hardware on Ukrainian Border

Unian: Russia continues pulling military hardware toward Ukraine’s border (Video)

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