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U.S. Projected to Have Slowest Population Growth in Recent Times

  • By Jennifer Prill
  • (General Dispatch) – Not since the Great Depression has the United States recorded such a low growth rate as currently indicated by the Census Bureau.
  • According to information provided by the Census Bureau, the total population of the United States increased 331,449,281 in the year 2020, the second slowest in history, in reference to the previous decade.
  • According to the report presented by the competent body after 170 years of remaining static, California loses a seat in Congress, a product of the slowdown in migration to the most populous state in the nation. 
  • After a year 2020 characterized by a devastating wildfire, hurricanes and an unparalleled pandemic that took the lives of many Americans, it is hardly normal that the population decline has been this. 
  • In contrast, Texas ranks second as the most populous state with two additional congressional seats, while states such as North Carolina and Florida gained only one seat.
  • Likewise, the sustained growth of Hispanic immigrants contributed in raising the total number of the population, because it is a considerable fraction within the United States.
  • Importantly, demographers have long warned that the population growth of Americans is anchoring and this may impact the economy directly.
  • Finally, the report also indicates that U.S. citizens prefer to move to states governed by Republicans, which may represent a major advantage in the upcoming elections.

Adittional Information:

AP News: US marks slowest population growth since the Depression

US News: US Marks Slowest Population Growth Since the Depression

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