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Actress Rosanna Arquette Said the “R” in Republican Stands for “Racist”

  • By James Kravitz
  • (General Dispatch) – Hollywood star Rosanna Arquette said Thursday to her more than 187 thousand twitter followers that it is evident that the “R” in Republican means “racist”.
  • The celebrity known for being a born leftist issued her comment through the social network as rhetoric to the conference offered by Republican Senator Tim Scott.
  • The controversial actress does not waste any space to express her repudiation of the Republican Party, in its attempt to stop the policies currently coming from the White House.
  • It should be noted that the scandal was provoked after Tim Scott assured that there is no systemic racism in the United States.
  • For this reason, Arquette dismisses the statements made by Scott, because as it is public knowledge, the United States is a country characterized by racial discrimination.
  • Consequently, the thousands of followers of the actress expressed diverse opinions, some in support and others in opposition.
  • This continues to be one of the most controversial issues, from which the country has not been able to emerge, despite attempts to mitigate racial discrimination. 
  • Until educational foundations incorporate a culture different from the structure that for years has fostered racial disparity, these events will likely continue to be part of everyday life.

Adittional Information:

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