Black Lives Matter Activist Claims They Are Being Murdered Among Their People

  • By William Silgueiro
  • (General Dispatch) – Black Lives Matter activist charged with manslaughter accused of “fierce and frenzied” knife murder claims that “we’re killing our own people too, so it’s sad”.
  • Three duly identified subjects face charges for the murder of 53-year-old William Blaise Algar, a crime perpetuated in Hounslow Heath.
  • Once again a black man is the victim, but of someone of his own ethnicity.
  • The incident occurs in an unusual way because there were detached limbs buried in unusual places.
  • The controversy arises in the midst of a movement that defends its inclusive rights in a society framed by systemic racism.
  • However, the crime leaves on record the hatred among the African-American population in condemning and repudiating a culpable homicide of such magnitude in a community that seeks to occupy a respectable place in society.
  • In this sense, the blamed activist assures “It’s sad, it’s sad… Black Lives Matter but another black man is dead. There is racism, but we are also killing our own people, so it’s sad”.
  • Finally, it is expected that justice establishes a just sentence for those involved in the event, regardless of a racism issue, impunity cannot prevail in this event.

Adittional Information:

Breitbart: ‘We Are Killing Our Own People’ Says BLM Supporter Accused of Murder

BBC: William Algar: Trumpeter stabbed to death ‘over drugs dispute’

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