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Joe Biden Claims Americans Are Not Racist, But After 400 Years African Americans Go Backwards

  • By Anton Grillo
  • (General Dispatch) – President Joe Biden gave an interview for NBC that was aired Thursday on “NBC Nightly News” in which he responded to statements made by Senator Tim Scott.
  • During the interview, Biden affirmed that the American people are not racist, after 400 years African-Americans have been left in a very backward position in many areas.
  • Initially, people of African descent have not advanced in terms of education, health and opportunities for personal and professional growth, Biden said.
  • Next, host Craig Melvin asked the president if he considered Americans to be racist people, stating that indeed the American people were not.
  • In contrast, President Joe Biden’s assertions are misplaced in disqualifying the progress of the African-American population.
  • Much of the limitations of people of African descent in the country have been fostered by the limits that white supremacy has placed for years.
  • To argue that the United States is not a racist country is a great fallacy, since it is evident that it is part of the culture of the nation, and that so far it is combated by racial practices.
  • In conclusion, the White House continues to mark a notorious division in the social context, quite contrary to the promises of unification made in President Biden’s 2020 campaign.

Adittional Information:

Breitbart: Biden: American People Aren’t Racist, But ‘After 400 Years,’ Black People ‘So Far Behind the Eight Ball’ in Education, Health, and Opportunity

WJR: Biden: Americans Not ‘Racist’ But Black People Have Been Left Behind

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