Pornhub Founder’s $16 Million Mansion Was Set on Fire by Arsonists

  • By James Kravitz
  • (General Dispatch) – Feras Antoon, founder of one of the largest pornographic industries on the planet, was the victim of a relentless fire allegedly caused by arson that consumed his $16 million mansion.
  • Law enforcement agencies became aware of the incident after receiving a call from two men at approximately midnight, where at least 80 firefighters arrived to assist as the house was consumed by fire.
  • Technically, the mansion was completely destroyed due to the power of the flames, after the inclement fire was put out, the result was really devastating, a few walls were what managed to save the investment of more than $16 million.
  • However, in addition to this incident, the company is currently facing a lawsuit accusing it of using the website for sex trafficking of minors.
  • In the first instance, everything seems to indicate that the Pornhub platform hosted content of child rape movies, after a missing minor was found in the videos of the page being abused in more than 58 films.
  • Notably, one of the actors in an alleged video raped a child and is currently facing a trial against him to determine his guilt.
  • Pornhub subsequently removed more than 60% of its videos from its online content in December, after the first accusations against them were filed.
  • Meanwhile, it is expected that the criminal acts that devastated Antoon’s mansion can be clarified and determine whether it has a direct link to the constant demonstrations of repudiation against him.

Adittional Information:

Daily Wire: Pornhub Founder’s $16 Million Mansion Razed In Massive Fire, Arson Suspected

Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE: Montreal mansion of embattled Pornhub founder – under investigation for child exploitation – burns down in suspicious arson just weeks after putting the still unfinished property on the market for $15.9M

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