Possible Increase in Coronavirus Cases by the End of the Year in Great Britain

  • By John Deloria
  • (General Dispatch) – (General Dispatch) – A statistical study in Britain has predicted that a third wave of COVID 19 will appear by the end of 2021, despite the fact that operations have succeeded in immunizing large numbers of people.
  • According to Sir Ian Diamond, head of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said that research has been ongoing, but despite the efforts of the authorities to implement measures it will be inevitable to avoid the third wave.
  • Diamond told a television program The Andrew Marr Show “We need, at this point, to properly understand how the data is moving forward, we also need to recognize that this is a virus that is not going to go away, and I have no doubt that in the fall there will be a new wave of infections.”
  • Comparisons of infection rates with other countries such as Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have been taking place. Britain has improved considerably from last year.
  • The Times reported that Britain’s planning has favored older adults who are the most vulnerable population, putting it ahead of the EU which has had complications in distributing the dose.
  • It is expected to cover the majority of older inhabitants by June 10, Diamond managed to conduct the study despite the fact that blockages have been complex in Britain, since the high rate of infection suffered September 2020.
  • Minister Boris at the beginning of 2021 has gradually relaxed COVID 19 blockades, schools opened on March 8 even so inhabitants will have to stay at home until the end of March.
  • Still Boris said that this type of measures can change at any time depending on how the virus unfolds.

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