Instagram Imposes a New Tool to Detect Abusive Messages

  • By Anton Grillo
  • (General Dispatch) – The social network Instagram will have a tool that will allow filtering all those messages, words or emojis that are offensive while users interact through direct messaging (DM).
  • The tool is necessary for all those users who have a large number of followers and are more likely to receive offensive messages even though they do not follow other people.
  • “Because direct messages are private conversations, we do not proactively look for hate speech or harassment in the same way we do elsewhere on Instagram,” it was said via the platform.
  • From now on the tool will allow messages or images, which a user creates to affect another person, to be filtered through this measure and not make it to the destination.
  • The tool will be focused on the “message requests” option where a large number of messages usually arrive, whether they are offensive, including excessive misleading advertising, and sending links of dubious origin.
  • Users will be able to activate or deactivate the option, if the user does not give importance to it and allows the entry of this type of messages, it will still be filtered but will be sent to another folder called “separate hidden requests”.
  • The tool will give the user the choice to see the content or not, depending on the message the person will be able to accept the request, delete it or report it on the platform for its respective evaluation.
  • “With this feature, whenever you decide to block someone on Instagram, you will have the option to both block their account and preemptively block new accounts that person may create” Instagram assured.

Adittional Information:

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