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Immigrant Abuses and Murders Are Caused by Biden’s Border Policies

  • By Steph. G. Halston
  • (General Dispatch) –  The humanitarian crisis continues to progress due to the immigration guidelines established by Joe Biden, in which murders and rapes of migrants are occurring.
  • It is notorious, the incentive of border policies for criminal groups on the border, who trade in drugs and people. Said Rep. Chuck Fleischmann.
  • To begin with, people moving from other countries come weak, many without food and with considerable damage to their bodies. Faced with the lure of an opportunity for advancement in the U.S., they are not just a political problem, but a political one.
  • More than a political problem, this is a social problem, the open borders plan only propitiates a scenario where human beings are subjected to constant violations of their human dignity.
  • It must be considered, that the cartels and irregular groups are generating extraordinary income with this historic opportunity of border flow in northwest Texas.
  • If Biden truly had a humanitarian heart he would not subject these people to such aggravating situations, said Fleischmann.
  • Change must come from within the structure of the problem, with a complete turnaround in policy, to provide security for migrants as well as U.S. citizens.
  • Finally, the end of this grave crisis does not seem to be at an end and many wonder what other atrocities need to occur for the White House to take decisive action.

Adittional Information:

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News Akmi: Joe Biden’s Border Policies Are Getting Many Migrants Abused and Killed

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