China Launches the First Module of its Station in Space

  • By Ely Márquez
  • (General Dispatch) – Beijing AP reported Thursday that China has begun to realize one of its most ambitious projects, launching the first module of its space station.
  • The module called “Celestial Harmony” will be the first step for the new space station of the Asian country to house astronauts in a long period of time, the first part was sent through the Long March 5B rocket.
  • The program will be composed of 11 missions to provide all the necessary tools to complete, supply and crew the station by the end of next year.
  • The program has also succeeded in extracting lunar sediment for further research and it was announced that next month a probe will be sent to learn about and take samples from Mars.
  • High political officials were present at the launch and praised Xi Jingping’s political management and expressed their pride in the space program.
  • This space strategy shows the international community how powerful China is in science and technology and aerospace, in order to position itself as the world’s leading power.
  • The module that was sent will be the site where astronauts can live for up to 6 months, 2 more modules for experiments to be conducted, and the rest of the missions will provide supplies and send more crew members to the station.
  • “The core module will provide living space for up to six astronauts during crew changes, while its two other modules, Wentian or “Quest for the Heavens” and Mengtian, or “Dreaming of the Heavens,” will provide space for science activities” said AP News.

Adittional Information:

AP News: China launches main part of its 1st permanent space station

ABC: China launches main part of its first permanent space station

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