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China Praises Policies Implemented by Joe Biden

  • By John Deloria
  • (General Dispatch) – China’s Global Times praised the policies implemented by U.S. President Joe Biden after his speech, acknowledging that the adoption of foreign policies has contributed to his performance.
  • How not to praise one of its current allies, after Donald Trump’s administration set strong limits against a country that seeks to gain control of the world.
  • Of course, the newspaper did not miss the opportunity to disqualify Donald Trump’s effective policies, arguing that Joe Biden has “greater scruples”, and how to disprove it, if indeed the new administration is adopting China’s policies.
  • Although during his speech, President Biden did not mention the Asian country, it is known that many of the policies emanating from the White House are an exact copy of the Chinese government. 
  • However, the newspaper emphasized that China expected from the Biden administration a much friendlier policy with Biden’s communist party, a fact that has not yet materialized. 
  • In this sense, China is satisfied with the rapprochement it has managed to consolidate with the United States after 100 days in office, following diplomatic relations that were not very receptive.
  • In essence, the newspaper managed to evidence the commercial interests that China is eager to materialize with the U.S. country; since they criticized that many of the policies established by former President Trump are still in force.
  • Meanwhile, President Biden will continue to strengthen diplomatic ties with China, as he has demonstrated in recent days, since his administration is contemplating a major trade agreement.

Adittional Information:

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