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Johnny Rotten Claims that America is Falling Under Joe Biden’s Administration

  • By William Silgueiro
  • (General Dispatch) – The musician Johnny Rotten expressed that the awakening of the Democrats “is causing the destruction of the United States” arguing that the collapse of the nation is caused by the “nonsense” of Joe Biden. 
  • The British rocker who received U.S. citizenship in 2013 said that the Democratic Party knows no respect, its focus is fashion trend-oriented, and that means the destruction of the United States.
  • The statements were made known during an interview conducted for the UK Times where the singer said that President Joe Biden’s nonsense is causing the collapse of the nation.
  • Next, the artist criticized the mockery that Democrats make of Republicans through the media, inciting former President Donald Trump to be hated without valid arguments.
  • At the same time, he praised the work performed by Republicans, assuring that they are working people and not “southern peasants” sympathetic to Trump, but guarantors of optimal performance.
  • However, he stressed that CNN has sponsored “hatred, and is doing much harm to this country”, referring to the attacks made on Donald Trump who for four years gender progress for the United States.
  • Of equal importance the singer stated that he supported Trump’s administration and that he voted for him even though the results were not as expected last November, he wants a competent politician to lead the destinies of the nation.
  • Finally, he commented that he is against the leftist media that defame Trump as a racist, where what is really true is that he has worked for the benefit of the country, and his administration has left us great advances.

Adittional Information:

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